Wednesday, 5th August, 2020

Commitment to Sustainability

The first Certified Sustainability Report thus represents a step forward, proof of the fact that the Group is able to take on and overcome different, new challenges, creating value for shareholders and other stakeholders thanks to this innovative way of looking at - and managing - development of our business. This does not mean that we were not sustainable before, but rather that we are now able to give a better account of what we are doing on a day-to-day basis.

Now - and this is the main point - why are we doing all this? Here at FATA EPC we are highly aware of the responsibility that a large industrial group has towards its stakeholders, particularly when it operates, as we do, in high-technology sectors such as aerospace, defence and security.

The decisions we make have a significant impact on the lives of the people working for us and their families; on our customers and our suppliers, whose safety depends on the quality of our products; on the communities that host our manufacturing sites; on investors, both large and small, who entrust their capital or their savings to us; and on future generations, to whom we will leave an environment that has been changed in some way.

It is our special duty, therefore, to take care of the assets and resources, tangible and intangible, environmental, social and economic, that are inevitably transformed in some way through our activities, and that we must return with added value.

In other words, we believe that, just as it is right to remunerate financial investments and all other types of investments, in the same way we owe our customers, our partners, the communities in which we operate a social dividend, because it is thanks to their support - which is only partially repaid in economic terms - that we are now a large international Group.